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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 21, 2017 8:00am-9:01am EST

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now for just almost eight hours. can you imagine that? already, a third of the day he has been president of the united states.hank you for being with s and good night from washington. kennedy: history is being made in history is being celebrated right here tonight. just a few moments melania and donald trump will take the stage for their very first appearance on a phenomenal day. it's time to celebrate right now. good evening i am trash and you are watching live from the armed services ball at the national the same in washington d.c. where tightly honored not just our new president that all members of our nation. people are making extraordinary
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sacrifices. tonight you will meet the heroes and you will hear from some of the biggest figures in the chung campaign trail including the first campaign manager for successful presidential bid kellyanne conway but first i want but first no one thought he could do it, the political elite , they shunned him and yet for the first time in history we have an outsider with no political experience elected to the top office in this nation as the 45th president of the united states of america. donald trump says he will empower the people rather than the bureaucracy. he refuses to play by the traditional washington rulebook and that is just one of the many reasons his supporters voted him into office. as we get ready for a very big night here i want to go to our connell mcshane is outside of the national museum where i am now. hey connell. kahn we are waiting for the new
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president to leave his new home and had to the first of three official inaugural ball said he will attend here in this town this evening. the first two are at the washington convention center which is quite familiar with this kind of thing where president obama held six of the 10 inaugural and he is heading to 2009. the freedom ball tonight is expected to be the big one, about 25 thousand attendees larger than the first two. the liberty ball has 8000 on hand i am told that we will look dance to occur between mr. and mrs. trump while they are at the convention center and then they will move over to this location where we are for the armed services ball later on in the evening. while all of this is going on we should point out following a day of pomp and circumstance and even protests around the city that this is putting together a new administration and is also well underway. general james madison who was seen moments ago being sworn in
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as the defense secretary by the vice president mike pence the first cabinet secretary to be confirmed by the senate. the vote 98-1 only new york's kirsten gillibrand voted against it another general john kelly was confirmed by the senate as well for secretary of homeland security. 11 democrats voted against the nomination. president trump released a statement about the thing he's pleased with the confirmations to call the senate to as he put it fulfill their constitutional obligation to quickly confirm the rest of his cabinet. a short time ago we also did see the president in the oval office signing papers to confirm those nominations. we were talking about signing the first executive order as president ordering federal agencies to ease the burden on obamacare getting the ball rolling on repeal and replace. we also heard a short time ago that the white house chief of staff for reince priebus is issuing a governmentwide order immediately freezing regulations
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so trish and active evening and we are just getting warmed up in terms of the inaugural ball. trish: we have tony orlando on stage behind me. he is singing all the favorite tunes and the crowd is responding pretty well. it's the host of "lou dobbs tonight" mr. lou dobbs and lou what a ride it's been. everyone is so excited in this town tonight and we have heard lots in the way of bringing power back to the people today. that seemed to be a rope theme. is that the essence would you say of this campaign? lou: without question. this president of ours has been president for just about eight hours, has talked about populist issues from the moment he declared his search for enough support to win the presidency of the united states.
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he was scoffed at and he was laughed at as you well know in his early days particularly by media elite who were just so sure that all of those very unestablishment types in the republican party would disappoint him mightily. he tore them to pieces by talking about the people, the issues that matter to the american people and they were soon in his rearview mirror and here we are on inauguration night and president donald j. trump who has talked about the people instead of the nonsense of the elite is president of the united states. it's just a glorious moment. everyone i've talked to today without exception has been so excited about the prospects. not all are convinced that he will succeed but they are absolutely excited about the prospects going forward under this administration.
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obviously senator schumer is something of a holdout and a couple of others and even a few elites in the republican party but this man has excited a nation. trish: he certainly has lou. now he's got a lot of work to do and a lot of promises to live up to. a lot of people are expecting great things from him in the first 100 days. i would save one of the distinct differences is the fact that he is used to getting stuff done. you mentioned yourself based on that bottom line, based on productivity so what can we expect? lou: yeah, i think there is a lot of course being made appropriately so that he is a businessman and it's also very important that he has never run for elective office before, that he is a man who is accomplished.
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he has made a lot of money and he has made a lot of friends over the course of the last year and a half and i don't think a lot of those elites by the way contemplated that donald trump would become increasingly popular. the national left-wing media certainly did not contemplated because they are trying to -- they have been trying to run this president down at every step of the campaign journey that brought him to the white house. this is a man who is going to get it done. trish: it may have helped him. the very fact that the media has been so out to get him. it made him the underdog. it made them more vulnerable in some ways to people. people felt as though they needed to go out and stick up for him and vote for him because they were so angry at the establishment of what the media was trying to do. lou: i was thinking those vulnerable moments thinking about donald trump on the
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campaign trail. i miss the multiple part. this was a man who was throwing his fist at every opponent and he was defending the working man and woman, working families, middle-class families, the basic values of this nation and every campaign stop he had a hell of a good time doing it. i think the american people embraced the man they knew would be fighting for them in the country. trish: lou when i say vulnerable i remember sitting there at the convention with you and ted cruz came out on stage to give you big long speech and walked away and he did a courageous thing. he came out and greeted the crowd as though to say it's okay but once again it was just another example of this typical politician coming out against
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him. when i say vulnerable, that's sort of what i mean. you felt for him in those times that i hear you he was very strong on the campaign trail and that's why he went great. lou: something happen before donald trump spoke to the audience and that is donald trump was there to greet ted cruz after that famous speech in which was an act of political self-destruction. it was also at the trail of donald trump who would have been given to believe something else would happen,somethi far more positive for him. donald trump squared his shoulders, walked out and had no problem at all. it is the way this man has conducted himself throughout that gives everyone such hope and perhaps his white house may be -- because my expectations are so high that they want me to
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diminish my expectations. and millions of others that we are not going to do that. trish: no, absolutely not. everyone has high hopes right now and anytime there is a change in administration there something about it and i think lou you and i are very fortunate to have the job we do and we are out there on the front lines of history and what we saw today in regardless of parties here and i'd know how much you support donald trump but regardless of all of that is what a wonderful tradition. it's one of the things that takes our country so great. before that you go, he talked about restoring faith. he said we need to restore our wealth and we need to restore our dreams and i really thought that was a very important thing to say right now because the country has been feeling rather down, lou. lou: they have and certainly not in all corners and all people. so many millions of people who
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have been victimized i just rampant thoughtless and indifferent globalism the part of beliefs of both parties. this will be written about in the decades to come as a time of indifference toward americans by americans and we can never let that happen again. he has spoken of dreams often on the campaign trail as you know trish and a lot of people said that's right i quit dreaming. i haven't had those ideas in those dreams in a not only wants us to dream, he wants us to dream big. we are once again a nation that is unto itself exceptional and it's okay to regard our values as demanding greater excellence from ourselves and making certain that we leave something better behind and greater hopes in greater dreams for our children and our grandchildren
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and this is a generation that we continue down the path we were on a would have denied those dreams to all americans. trish: i will tell you he is something -- someone who is certainly followed his dreams and living up to the highest expectations thus far. we will see how he does. i know you are expecting great things. we are watching for it and we are watching you. lou, thank you so much. joining me right now veteran mike renato here at this party and you wer in afghanistan. you lost your left leg and part of your left arm. you have given so much to this country. you voted for donald trump and you are excited that he is the president. what can you do for veterans and our military that makes you so responsive to its presidency.
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>> as far as the trend he is a businessman. he's going to look at the bureaucracy of the va. [inaudible] trish: you feel he needs to invest in the military. >> radical islamic terrorism needs to be addressed right now. we can't wait. trish: how excited are people here tonight? >> they are ecstatic. it's truly a great event. trish: i've got to tell you i like tony orlando. i have liked him since i was a kid. of course donald trump is expected to be here later this
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evening along with melania. they will be dancing and will address all of you. first stand as president and first lady of the united states. we are looking forward to seeing that. he said he wants to get to work. it's about the people today but tomorrow it's about --. >> he wants to get right down to work. trish: we are looking forward to seeing what he does. mike, thanks. this is the ball that honoring our armed services and you are looking at a picture of the rockettes that are also performing at the liberty ball. as i mentioned there are three
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going on this evening could you have the liberty ball and the freedom ball and you have the armed services ball where i am right now. the rockettes had a little controversy with some members of the rockettes who did not perform. ultimately that was resolved by management saying it's your choice. if you would like to perform you can be there but you see a chorus line of women there that want to be here tonight for their country. again at the liberty ball where we will be seeing donald trump tonight. a lot going on here in washington d.c. with all of these festivities. you know, is lso a very different kind of election and a very different kind of candidate that america voted in for office. i mean this as someone, let's not forget, lou and i were talking about this, he is a ceo so he's used to surrounding himself with strong people and strong leaders and that's what
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he is doing and some people from the military and people from the business world that will be in his. coming up as we continue all the festivities and all the parties in washington d.c. about how different this presidency may be. i will see you right back here live after this. achoo! (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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trish: welcome back everyone to washington d.c. where we are live at the armed services ball here getting ready for donald trump to come in. he will be there with his wife melania later in the evening. they will stop at the liberty ball as well which we will bring life to you as soon as that happens. he's expected to make comments and expected to do the very
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famous first dance that every president going back to, just a few years but george washington and martha washington actually began the tradition way back when. despite all the happiness here in this room, you have some pockets of the country that aren't so handy right now. anti-trump protesters across his states right now. live in chicago were those protests are happeni. >> this is an important reminder that the fact is donald trump did not win the popular vote in this election so -- though he legitimately won the election. this proc the streets of chicago which i point out is being repeated in other cities around the u.s., these protesters now attempting to break through a police line to get to trump tower. much of the protests i should point out to you have been nonviolent, unlike the protesters in washington where
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you had members of the anarchists potentially trying to commit violence, break windows and burned cars and that sort of thing. this has not been happening here this is a nonviolent protest, with nonviolent protesters and certainly people are in tighter tighter -- entitled to their opinions and entitled to get out your protest and that's what they are doing. it's a reminder that a lot of this country did not vote for donald trump. there you go. it's my lucky night apparently. i got a nice kiss. >> right at the opportune moment i would say. we are looking at a blockade of the trump tower. police have blocked it off. protesters haven't been able to get anywhere near it which is frustrating to them but we continue to watch it. hopefully it stays.
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trish: we certainly hope so and we will continue to check back in with you. jeff thank you very much i want to go over to the liberty ball. we were showing you the rockettes who danced on stage. joining me now from the freedom ball is "fox news" is kristin fisher. kristin, how is it looking? >> trish, i wish you could see how many people are packed inside of this ballroom inside the washington convention center. it stretches from, i can't even see from end-to-end. their 25,000 people in here. this is the largest of the three official inaugural ball's that president trump will be attending tonight. when you think of mr. trump a lot of people expect him to be full of golden glitz and glamour and there were certainly some glitz and glamour but not as much as you might expect from somebody like donald trump. that is by design. one member of this presidential and are broken but he said he wanted this and not grow ball to
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be very much a celebration and then get right to work tomorrow. he wanted this to be elegant but he also wanted it to be very accessible to all the working class americans that helped them get here to begin with. that's why tickets to tonight's ball for just 50 bucks a pop though getting one, that was a very different story. when you look around us and not grow ball apparently mr. trump who is known to be a little bit of the micromanager as ceo apparently he did that here tonight. he was apparently involved with almost every decision from the color of the napkins to the playlist and we have been listening to so many different acts. i believe this is the john orchestra. we are getting ready to hear some mony diffent muscal acts would we have travis green the piano guy who we heard last night of the concert by the lincoln memorial, michael flatley from lord of the dance lexi walker from "america's got talent" and of course the rockettes were just performing at the liberty ball which is
8:24 am
literally right next door here. i went to the crowd wandered about and talk to some folks. i found a lot of people from texas and a lot of people from florida. a lot of them flew but a lot of them drove and spent all day in the rain battling that weather down on the national mall to watch mr. trump take the oath of office. so many of them are comfortable from the very beginning and they said to be there standing on the mall and watch that moment was truly special and now they just can't wait to see president donald trump take the stage tonight. trish: there are a a lot of hapy folks encountered kristin thank you so much. we have got a lot going on here. the party is continuing. everyone in this room is waiting on donald trump. he's going to be taking his first dance as president of the united states and a lot of folks want to know what is melania trump going to be wearing? at very special moment, and had.
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trish: welcome back, everyone the armed services ball where we are getting ready to honor the 45th president of the united states. donald trump will be taking the stage with his wife melania for their very first dance. we are expecting donald to say a few words. i want to go to the new york city police commissioner db -- former new york city police commissioner bernie kerik. what can we expect in the days ahead? he talked about security. when you look forward to the
8:29 am
next 100 days and what can be accomplished, what is it he need to do to start to make our country feel more secure. from the perspective of what african-americans are facing in terms of challenges alongside the police department, facing challenges from those community. >> good evening. i think you have already seen what he's about to do with the nomination and the confirmation today of the secretary of defense, with the secretary of homeland security. general mattis is one of the most respected men in the military. the men and women will follow him, and john kelly be the commissioner, the secretary of homeland knows this country, knows the borders. but the president is also extremely concerned with the
8:30 am
african-american community, the community of color like chicago and baltimore and some others that have been rap anded over the last 9 years where the murder rates erupt, where the violence is up, and that has to get cleaned up. and he's committed to doing exactly that. trish: he has some challenges ahead of him. there are very few territories that people are willing to go into and he called out the leaders of these community and said you haven't done a darn thing -- to improve the lives of your constituents. he said that to john lewis and he said that on the campaign trail. i thought it's refreshing to hear this. he's taking on an area a lot of people have been afraid to take on.
8:31 am
>> donald trump was living in new york city back in 1994 when rudy giuliani took over the new york city environment where there were 200 homicide and they said it would never get cleaned up. we saw violent crime drop 60%s and and homicide drop by the type i left the office of police commissioner. community like chicago and baltimore have failed. he called them out and said if you ne federal help,sk for it and i'll giveto you but you cannotet the people of your community die like you have the last several years. this has been going on for two, three decade. chicago is one of the saddest
8:32 am
story to see how crime has skyrocketed. it's going to change. >> i think it's going to change. i think eventually the president will put together a task force. i have been talking to the heritage foundation who is going to put together a package to propose to the president a violent crime, aggressive violent crime attack package. >> it will be something. 0. >> you may see concerns regarding the republican party elite in a monumental way.
8:33 am
it's good to see you tonight. thank you so much. you look terrific. we are here at the big party. coming up any minute we'll see donald trump and melania trump take their first dance amid all this tk of giving power back to the people. that was the theme that we heard today. he want the power out of the hand of washington, d.c. and back into the hand of you and me and everyone in this country. we are close to the first official dance. >> orlando came out here and pl rodney and his new business.
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♪my wish for you ♪is that this life becomes all that you want it to♪ ♪your dreams stay big, your worries stay small♪ ♪you never need to carry more than you can hold♪ ♪and while you're out there gettin where you're gettin to♪
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♪and wants the same things too♪ ♪yeah, this is my wish trish: welcome back to the big party. we are here at ball for the armed services honoring our 45th president. there is a lot of happiness in this room and a lot of festivities in town. but there are other parts of the country where they are not so happy. i want to go to chicago. reporter: this is a non-violent
8:38 am
protest. police just moved in a short type ago and made their first arrest and tried to get up to where we can see exactly what we on. in term of letting protesters go where they want to go, block streets as their will. you can see ohio street out here. wabash is completely blocked. we didn't see it. what happened? >> i don't know ifth was an altercation by him and a police officer. he was pressed into the ground by police officers, they used excessive force. people are not allowed to get in. they were trying to help the police and instead they were met with excessive and brute force. reporter: i appreciate that. the police have done a great joe
8:39 am
through all this. in this particular case this young lady says they didn't. but all is calm here at the moment. more of a police presence than we have seen throughout the night. protesters have been let go to do their thing. it's a bit of a poignant reminder. there is a big chunk of this country that does not support the current administration. >> we need to move forward from here, and the reality is america has spoken. americans did vo hip into office. people keep talking about how divide we are as a country. and yes we did hear from some folk on the left that are very, very vocal, and you hear them in hollywood. you hear them in part of america and on the streets of america.
8:40 am
but i want you to hear something. i want my next guest, charles hurt from the washington examiner. i want to show you this map. i want to remind you and all the viewers that as much as they say we are divide as a nation, take a look at that. there is a lot of red out there. the reality, charlie, is americans did put donald trump in office. they put him in office for a reason. in some ways you think all the hysteria coming from the left when it comes to how much -- this is not my president, it can't be my president, they were horrified to see this day happen today. are they just sort of a vocal minority or do you feel that the country is in a sense of fright. >> when you have 70 members of the house of representatives walk out and refuse to
8:41 am
participate in the peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next, that amplifies that vocal minority in a way that is dangerous for the republic. it's dangerous for the people, and 's just flat o unpatriotic especially considering the people that refused to take part in the inauguration are people who dedicated their lives allegedly fighting for voter rights and fighting for self-governance. all that goes out the window. i don't want to hear from any of these people ever again about how they care about the right of people to vote. as you said, we had an election. it was a fair and open election, and donald trump won. and they may not like the outcome of the election, well, that happens sometimes. there are plenty of elections i don't like the outcome. but it doesn't mean you don't
8:42 am
acknowledge and accept the presidency. trish: it's harmful for our country, it's harmful for our democracy when they don't participate and honor the tradition that is today, and the fact that 70 democrats did that is very sad and perhaps very telling. charlie, i can tell you not one of them have any kind of background in finesse. there is such a thing as an option. they could have taken the option and said, well, you know, i had to do what was right. but these 70 people, i think they put themselves in a bad spot. guess what, those 70 lawmakers will have to answer to people saying why didn't you just show
8:43 am
up for a long-time tradition? >> if you look at the promises he laid out during the campaign, and promises he laid out during his address. they are not particularly republican promises or conservative promises. they are prop lift promises. kind of things that will wind up appealing to to people across all parties. another thing that's disturb being those 70 members. what a terrible example they set for children who are learning about this great country in which they were born, in which they live. it's an extraordinary country. it is an extraordinary republic we have inherited. when i look at these punks throwing rocks and burning things in the streets and getting into fights with cops. i would love it if we set up a
8:44 am
system where judges could take courses about countries who don't have free and fair elections, or send them to countries that don't have free and fair elections and let them find out how bad it is there. trish: they don't know how good they have got it. you are right. maybe a little bit more worldly. i got osebps, i had tears in my eyes. just the tradition of it that's so exciting. and it's wonderful to see it happen in action. i don't care what side of the aisle you are on. i get it every time no matter who is coming into office. charlie, thank you for joining me. this party is just getting underway. we are waiting on donald trump and melania trump.
8:45 am
they are having their first dance and the long tradition goes all the way back to george and martha washington. we also expect donald trump to address the crowd.
8:46 am
♪you may say i'm a dreamer ♪but i'm not the only one ♪i hope some day you'll join us♪ ♪and the world will be as one ♪imagine no possessions ♪i wonder if you can ♪no need for greed or hunger ♪a brotherhood of man
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♪imagine all the people ♪sharing all the, ♪you may say i'm a dreamer ♪but i'm not the only one ♪i hope some day you'll join us♪ ♪and the world will live as one♪
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trish: welcome back. i'm trish regan. it's about to be a very big night. we are here at the balance honoring our armed services. i want to talk to your navy seal, jason redman. you heard trump before. what resonated with you? >> i loved how he started it saying hey, this turnover of power is not the one man, it's
8:49 am
not the one political party, it's back to you, the american people. i think that's what's so key. that's why i voted for donald trump. i think our political system is broken. there is total gridlock in washon. the military is at weakest point has been since world war ii. foreign policy is a mess. we needed someone willing to come in who listened to the people around them and who had a business background that they could reduce that debt. that's why i voted for trump. >> i don't think he could have picked anybody better than general james mattis. i have friends who worked under mattis. the guy is incredit blin intelligent. he understands most importantly the cost of war, the impact of sending our young men and women on to the battlefield and the
8:50 am
tremendous cost that goes with that. so many of these wound warriors and families who lost loved ones, james mattis understands that. he understands how to build the military up, he understands how to outline the rules of engagement so our troops can go forth and cross the enemy and win. trish: if you go in, you should on go in to win. that should be a big part of donald trump's message as well. enjoy the party. all right, everyone. we are waiting on donald trump. he's going to have that big first dance. the crowd is excited. they are excited for all the change that could come. there is an opportunity here for things to really change. donald trump would like to echo the theme of giving it power back to the people when we hear him speak
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trish: welcome back to one of the inaugural balls happening in washington, d.c. tonight there are three of them. i'm at the ball for our armed services. we are anticipating donald trump very shortly will be taking to the dance floor with his wife. and he may be speak. and we'll bring you that live. here she is in a gown -- i
8:55 am
should say a dress, a blue dress designed bane american design were, ralph lauren. jamie colby right now is joining me. she has more insight into what we might see from melania when she comes to the dance floor tonight. everybody wants to know what she is going to be wearing. i should point out, jamie is host of "strange inheritance." jamie: i think it would be better for donald trump to march here rather than dance. he has already been criticized for how he dances. melania pulled it off, it was classic. it has a jackie o feel to it. it's no mistake that she chose a classic american designer.
8:56 am
ralph lauren represents the american dream. although most his finer garments are made not just here in america, but in italy. we are hoping more designers will make things in america. trirn * i think about when i was a kid growing up. the emphasis was on made in u.s.a. my husband grew up in a small town, have much a manufacturing town. he said you didn't dare drive anything other than a gm vehicle. certainly an american vehicle. if there was any foreign vehicle, you had to worry about getting beat. we don't want that. but it was a sentiment that was echoed throughout the country. people felt they should buy american. should we've restore some of that? >> ford coming out and saying he
8:57 am
would never dress melania trump. well, you know what? you missed the opportunity? we move your designs, but necessity said they wouldn't have picked you anyway. i think with the huge profile we saw with one of the other designers michelle obama favored. she did j.crew and became part of the american look. ralph lauren is connected to hillary clinton. trish: this is what you call a bipartisan designer. he's responsible for the pant suits. he designed all the pant suits on the campaign. he temperatures quite versatile. given that, i give him credit for keeping politics out of things. he's an equal opportunity designer. >> when it comes to style, keep an eye on ivanka trump.
8:58 am
you have to try ivanka's shoes. they are the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear. i'm leaving from here to go to los angeles. one of our dresses that mr. blackwell designs -- [inaudible] neither ivanka or melania will make that list. trish: we are look forward to it. jamie colby. enjoy the party. >> i'm going to dance. trish: we have lots going on. first big dance happening. this is the tradition that goes way, way back. we are talking about george washington and martha washington who first danced the minuet. we are looking forward to at tradition today and tonight is filled with tradition.
8:59 am
we have much more coming up. i'll see you live from d.c. after this. trish: it's 9:00 on the east coast. welcome to a special edition of "the intelligence report." we have three balls going on in d.c. tonight. we have the liberty ball, the freedom ball and this ball honoring all the members of our military that made such extraordinary phenomenal sacrifices for all of us so we can live as free as we do.
9:00 am
donald trump is expected here tonight, expected to address the crowd, and he's expected to dance with his wife. we'll be watching for that. it could happen momentarily. we have been talking about how theen divided. the question is, and i brought this up earlier, talk about are we that divide? you look at this map right now. there is a whole sea of red which means there is a whole sea of donald trump support. you hear a lot from the protesters in other parts of the country today, including here in washington, d.c. you hear a lot from them. you hear a lot of the noise. you hear the noise from hollywood. but what about when you get out into the rest of the country? are we as divided as hollywood would like to you believe? i don't believe so. joining me, republican


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